DVESLY-1M-PU Crane control unit

The DVESLY-1M-PU control is an operator’s workstation with an ergonomical arm-chair on a load carrying platform. To the left and to the right of the arm-chair armrests and steering columns with controls are installed - Gessmann joysticks, light signaling hardware, buttons and switches. The operator’s arm-chair has a position regulation function and can be folded aside to allow the operator to get to the workstation.

The crane operator’s control is equipped with a safe-key, a E-STOP button, additional control buttons and signal indicators.

The DVESLY-1M-PU control technical specifications:
  • Maximum number of operated mechanisms: 5;
  • Maximum number of discrete signals of one mechanism: 12;
  • Mechanical wear resistance of control joysticks, number of switching cycles: up to 10 million, intense wear resistance: up to 20 million;
  • Rated current: 2А (230VAC);
  • Operating temperature: -40…+40ºС;
  • Control weight: up to 130kg;
  • Warranty period: 2 years.

Controls produced by Dvesta are manufactured in accordance with European standards and equipped with state-of-the-industry components of European manufacturers: Gessmann joysticks (Germany), Moeller light signaling hardware (Germany), etc. As it may be agreed with the customer, a control can be supplied with an operator’s arm-chair by Dvesta or by Gessmann.

Gessmann joysticks are installed subject to individual requirements of cranes and can be single-axis, double-axis, grab bucket joysticks, and those having different diagrams of switching-on, etc.

If a control is ordered together with a crane electric drive system, our specialists individually specify and additionally agree on specifications and arrangement of the equipment and controls.