DVESLY-1M-ShR rotor resistors cabinet

Crane resistors units are connected to the rotor circuit of a wound-rotor motor in order to change shaft speed and torque. Regulation is performed by switching specially fitted resistor groups and variation of total resistance of the rotor circuit.

tedf-shr-closed-p.pngtedf-shr-open-p (1).png

The standard DVESLY-1M-ShR resistor cabinet includes up to seven resistor units. If more resistors are required, installation of an additional cabinet is necessary. For low-power cranes integration of resistor units of all mechanisms into a common resistor cabinet is possible. Calculation of resistors is performed taking into account rated parameters of a motor and mechanism. Our engineers calculate and match resistors according to crane load parameters and installation space available.

If the DVESLY-1M-ShR resistor cabinets are ordered with crane electric drive system DVESLY we supply complete resistor cabinets optimized for operation with our equipment.