The DVESLY-5M thyristor panel

The DVESLY-5M thyristor panel is designed to control one wound-rotor induction motor and provides 5 steps of control with balanced impedance in the rotor circuit. Motor braking is performed in back connection mode.

Given the unique characteristics of the crane we offer customized crane control systems in close cooperation with the end-user and customer.

Application range

The DVESLY-5M thyristor drive is applied on bridge cranes, gantry cranes, portal cranes, etc. on the following mechanisms:

  • Hoists;
  • Grab bucket lifting gear;
  • Grab bucket closing gear.

The DVESLY-5M panel ensures speed regulation on lifting mechanisms with load not less than 40%. To regulate speed within the whole range of lifting capacity we recommend an installation of the DVESLY-7M or DVESLY-7MI drives with dynamic braking function and pulse-key control.

Operating principle

The DVESLY-5M drive is equipped with power thyristors for rotor and stator circuit switching. The DVESLY-5M drives do not have mechanical contactors in electrical circuits, which provides high level of operating reliability and failure-free operation of electric equipment.

Functions and capacity The TEDF-5M panel has the following functions:
  • provides contactless switching of power mains on motor stator windings to ensure reverse rotation by means of cross-switch of two phases of stator windings;
  • provides contactless switching of constant torque resistors section in order to regulate rotating torques or speeds of the rotor in both directions;
  • provides parametrized time delays between steps activation to decrease dynamic loads on the motor and crane mechanical assemblies;
  • provides parametrized motor protection from peak operating and starting currents in the stator circuit;
  • provides deactivation of all system devices in case of inadmissible voltage parameters of power mains;
  • provides braking via back connection on positions I and II of a command controller and «power descent» in positions III and IV.
  • deactivates the motor as a result of tripping-over on the end switch with a possibility to move in the opposite direction.

Warranty period of this thyristor drive is 18 months from the date of crane commissioning, but does not exceed 24 months from the date of manufacture.

Complete delivery

The DVESLY-5M thyristor panel standard package includes:

  • electric cabinet with the DVESLY-5M thyristor control panel;
  • technical manual;
  • spare fuse elements;
  • thyristors of each type used in this panel version;
  • control boards of each type used in this panel version.

Technical specifications

Parameter Value
Load power 1,5-60 kW
Speed regulation depth 1:3
Mean Time To Repair 60 min
Power supply 400V, 50Hz
Control circuits voltage 24VDC or 230VAC
Control circuits current 150mA
Internal power consumption <150 W
Cabinet service type Single-sided (double-sided*)
Environmental conditions Non-aggressive and non-conductive dust and gases
Cabinet color RAL 7035 (light-grey)
Coating powder painting
Protection degree IP54
Efficiency >0,95
Vibration >М4
Altitude above sea level >2000 m
Operating temperature -40 +55 C

Modifications DVESLY-5М-А5 (5 speed steps)

Rotor resistors steps A3* A3* A3* A3*
Power (P=40%) 22 kW 60 kW 118 кВт 160 kW
Current (P=40%) 63A 160A 250A 400A
Dimensions, mm 1800х600х500* 1800х1200х500* 1800х1400х500* 1800х1400х500*
Weight 145 kg 305 kg 380 kg 390 kg
Price, Euro (excl. VAT) on request on request on request on request

* - Taking into account some particular features of a cranes, we can produce custom-made control panels according to the customer’s requirements.

- any quantity of commutator switches of the rotor circuit;
- individual selection of thyristors for the motors given;
- use of units for motors less than 15kW;
- special supply voltage of control circuits;
- special size of electric cabinets and maintenance method;
- Insulated power control room.

The information presented on this page is for information purposes only and may be altered by the manufacturer without any notice and cannot be a cause for an order. Actual technical specifications of different versions shall be agreed upon in written form on the order placement stage.

Individual performance

Please, make an individual perfomance if there are some special features in the structure of the crane.

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