Crane inspection

Crane inspection is a major step in the reconstruction process. During the inspection Dvesta specialists establish personal contact with the maintenance staff and the employees responsible for modernization, define the key requirements and objectives before implementing further works.

Inspection visits are carried out to examine and evaluate the crane platforms and space limitations, study the available technical documentation and passports, define the requirements for the new crane and discuss the division list.

Upon completion of the crane examination, the following documents are issued:

  • Crane inspection report
  • Meeting report on crane reconstruction issues
  • Defect component list
  • Division list of component and service supply

The above-listed documents provide the grounds for subsequent development of a Technical Specifications for crane reconstruction. The Technical Specification represents and indispensable part of the concluded Crane Reconstruction Agreement.

130 cranes

Dvesta specialists have accomplished complex reconstruction of over 130 cranes with installation of thyristor and frequency-based crane controls. The experience gained over years allows us to implement all works in short periods of time and avoid undesirable errors.