Warranty period and service maintenance

Warranty period

The warranty period for all the equipment produced by Dvesta is 18 months and is calculated immediately upon crane commissioning, but no more than 24 months from the production date indicated in the Product passport.

The warranty period can be increased or prolonged upon agreement between the contracting parties. For more information, please, contact our Sales department.

Terms of warranty

Warranty cases occur when the fault of the producer is evident and fully proven, and also in case these do not involve any 3rd-party actions, incorrect or careless equipment usage and other factors that produced breakdowns of the equipment or its constituent parts.

Service maintenance

Dvesta setup and programming department specialists provide service maintenance for cranes and crane equipment.

The periodic service maintenance includes:

  • complete functional testing of all crane assemblies and functions
  • adjustment of crane control system parameters in line with the requirements of the operating personnel in order to optimize the performance of operating modes
  • analysis of the alarm message archives and implementation of measures to eliminate the underlying reasons
  • routine cleaning and inspection of electric equipment.

The recommended frequency of the recurrent service maintenance – quarterly.

The service maintenance of cranes also implies unplanned emergency calls of drive setup and PLC-programming specialists to analyze and restore the operation of the crane electric equipment.

Remote diagnostics and programming

In order to minimize the expenses on emergency calls of the maintenance crews, we suggest equipping your crane control systems with special remote diagnostics sub-systems. These systems can provide Dvesta setup and programming specialists with quick access to PLC and frequency converter software for remote detection of the most of possible system failures and the ways to resolve them.