Our setup and maintenance specialists provide training for the crane operating and service personnel.

Training on your cranes

On-site training on operating cranes helps learn the principles of operation, software and setup peculiarities of the exact same equipment that is subject to future maintenance works. Dvesta specialists provide extensive training on commissioning of frequency converters, controllers and other devices, pay significant attention to the specifics of principal schemes and crane documentation, the setup and fault diagnostics features.

The training programs include the following courses:

Maintenance, diagnostics and repair of thyristor control drives
Maintenance, diagnostics and repair of control systems with frequency converters

The training periods range from 1 to 5 working days.

Classroom training in Minsk

Classroom trainings in the office of Dvesta located in Minsk are carried out in groups of 3-8 people within 2-4 days depending on the program chosen.

The training programs are created individually depending on the actual requirements and qualification levels of the participants and can incorporate:

- basic elements of crane electric drives and safety requirements on cranes
- operating principles and usage peculiarities of frequency converters
- maintenance and setup of frequency converters on cranes
- basic operating skills for PLC Siemens S7-300
- maintenance, diagnostics and repair of thyristor control panels

The classroom in Minsk is equipped with all the required equipment and materials for theory study and practice. There are training simulators for frequency converters by Siemens Simovert and Sinamics, Mitsubishi, Schneider Electric and Control Techniques, PLC Siemens S7-300, Modicon, Mitsubishi.

Upon successful completion of the courses all the participants are awarded with personal certificates.