Tyco fire extinguishers with no equipment damage

Tyco fire extinguishers with no equipment damage

The Tyco systems using special 3M Novec™ 1230 gas are designed to eliminate flames, including fires of flammable fluids, gases and electric equipment components.

Novec™ 1230 extinguishes fires using the combined action of physical and chemical processes and virtually does not decrease the oxygen content inside a room, i.e. it is safe for people within the fire extinguishment zone.

The system consists of one to several modules with a low-pressure liquefied gas content connected to a network of pipelines and nozzles. The fire extinguishing substance Novec™ 1230 represents a special liquid pressurized in steel balloons equipped with special locking devices facilitating quick release of the contained substance. After the locking device is released, Novec™ 1230 is transferred to the pipeline and nozzles and quickly vaporizes.
When released, Novec™ 1230 generates fog that can reduce visibility. It usually disperses quickly and does not pose obstacles for the personnel leaving the protected zone.


Besides, Novec™1230 gas fire extinguishing systems can be used to eliminate fires in spaces containing dangerous components and equipment that require a clean and non- conducting environment, do not tolerate freezing, or if cleaning of such spaces from foam, water or powder is complicated.

The fire extinguishing systems can be accommodated in the places of crane electric equipment assembly: container-type electrical rooms, inner crane beam spaces, cabinets, etc.

In view of the exclusive nature of such systems, their cost is calculated individually depending on the covered spaces and the numbers of accommodated equipment.

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