Thyristor crane drives

Auxiliary equipment for crane control systems

Crane control system consist of drives, but also auxiliary equipment like rotor resistors, main supply cabinets, etc. Dvesta offers all kinds of customized crane equipment and complete crane control systems.

  • Power supply protection DVESLY-1M-MV
    Power supply protection DVESLY-1M-MV

    A feed-in and crane protection cabinet DVESLY-1M-MV, is designed to supply power to electric equipment of the crane and to provide maximum current protection, overcurrent protection and protection from phase-failure of supply mains of crane motors.

  • DVESLY-1M-PU Crane control unit
    DVESLY-1M-PU Crane control unit

    The DVESLY-PU control is an operator’s workstation with an ergonomical arm-chair on a load carrying platform.

  • DVESLY-1M-ShR rotor resistors cabinet
    DVESLY-1M-ShR rotor resistors cabinet

    Crane resistors units are connected to the rotor circuit of a wound-rotor motor in order to change shaft speed and torque.